Company VIKINGLUX OU is specialialized on supporting clients with most common tipe of Ocean products giving most reliable quality, speed and resposibility to the client from year 1999. 
VIKINGLUX OU is engaged in wholesale trading of fresh and frozen fish and seafood from Norway, France, Denmark, Iceland, Faeroes, Canada, Chile, Vietnam and other countries. Companies renders services in the field of storage, transportation and customs clearance. Our company offices are situated in Latvia, Norway, Estonia.  
VIKINGLUX OU has been working in the World seafood market for more than 15 years. For this time we have had partner relations with the leading world companies of a fishing industry. It allows our Company always to guarantee quality of delivered production, to support constant assortment and to carry out deliveries irrespective of changes in the market. Main fields are expedition, chartering and adjustment cargo to the local rules.
VIKINGLUX OU is an individual approach to each client, focused on mutually advantageous long-term cooperation. Our main clients are the fish product processing plants, wholesalers and large retail networks.